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Dr. K. PANDIAN, M.D. (Paed)., D.C.H., D.M. (Neuro), an eminent PAEDIATRICIAN and NEUROLOGIST HAS THREE-AND- HALF DECADES of PROFESSIONAL and ACADEMIC experience. Having served in TN Govt. Hospitals, Institute of Child Health, reputed Medical Colleges and Professional bodies, he has immense knowledge in the field of PAEDIATRICS & NEUROLOGY. He has presented papers in various International Forums, which have been widely acclaimed and commended by his peers.

We have a team of 15 qualified & well trained Staff Nurses to look after Out-Patient Dept, In-Patient Dept, Operation Theatre, Trauma Care, Emergency Services, Ambulance Services, etc.,

Dr. Thiagarajan M.S (Ortho)
Trauma, Joint Replacement & Surgeon
Dr. R. Chandru M.S Flags
General & Laproscopic Surgeon
Dr. K. Sharmila M.S
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. P. Bhaskar Naidu M.S,M.C.H
Neuro Surgeon
Dr. M. Anand Pratap MBBS,D.P.M,FIPS
Dr. Balamurugan M.D,D.M
Dr. D. Nirmal Kumar M.S,D.L.O,D.N.B
Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon
Dr. D. Vembar M.S,M.C.H
Paediatric Surgeon
Dr. P. Baskar Rao
Dr. Phani Kiran S.M.S,D.N.B,F.N.B,MNAMS
Spine Surgeon
Dr. R. Ravi Shankar MBBS,D.L.O,FCIP
Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon
Dr. S. Padma Priya MBBS,D.N.B,MRCOG
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. C. Vijay Babu M.D,F.Diab(ADA)
General Medicine & Diabetes
Dr. K. Raj Kumar M.D,D.N.B(Resp),FCCP(USA)
Dr. J. Romington MBBS,D.D,V.L
Dermatologist & Cosmetologist
Dr. Saravanan Balachandran M.S,M.C.H
Vascular & General Surgeon
Paediatric Cardiologist
Dr. K. Pandian M.D,D.C.H,D.M
Paediatrician and Neurologist
Dr. Saravana Pandian M.S
General & Laproscopic Surgeon
Dr. Vasanth Kumar D.N.B
Trauma, Joint Replacement & Surgeon
Dr. Arun Pari
Cardiologist & Interventionalist
Dr. S. Rajesh Kumar M.D(Gen.Med),D.M
Cardiologist & Interventionalist
Dr. Sathya M.D,D.M
Dr. Lakshmi Priya
Dermatologist & Cosmetologist
Dr. R. Sridhar M.D,DTRD(TB & CHEST)
Dr. G. Vijayalakshmi M.D,D.M.R.D
Dr. S. Saravanan MBBS,Dip.Sonology
Dr. P. Krishnamoorthy M.D
Anaesthesia & Intensivist