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Knee Replacement Surgeon

Knee Replacement

The knee replacement surgery is broadly admitted as arthritic knee treatment as it restores function and stability in advanced arthritic changes. The surgery is performed by parting the muscles and ligaments throughout the knee to open the interior of the joint; in which defective parts of the knee joint are replaced with artificial parts.

Kp hospital has the Best Knee replacement surgeons in Chennai who are qualified and specialized in the care of patient’s knee-related problems. Generally, patients with severe impairment of the knee joint combined with increasing pain and disabled function may opt to do the knee replacement.

Generally, after the knee replacement surgery, physical therapy is an important part of recovery. It is recommended to take antibiotics for patients with artificial joints before, during and after any expensive procedure (which includes dental work).

Types of knee replacement surgery

• Total knee replacement: This is the most commonly used method. The Best Knee replacement surgeon in Chennai replaces the thigh bone surfaces and the shiny bone connecting with the knee. Bigger risks are identified and rectified in total knee replacement surgery. This procedure provides permanent pain relief at ease.

• Partial knee replacement: This surgery can be an option if arthritis affects just one side of your knee. But if the patient has good knee ligaments, it’s better to go with. Partial replacement of the knee can be done by a smaller cut than is necessary for total replacement of the knee.

• Kneecap replacement: This only replaces the kneecap's lower surface, but some of the best knee replacement surgeons in Adambakkam advise against this procedure, as total knee replacement surgery has a higher success rate.

• Complex knee replacement: When a patient has very severe arthritis or has already had more than one knee replacement surgery, this procedure may be appropriate.