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Multi-Specialty Care

Multi-Specialty Care

KP hospital's - multi specialty care

KP Hospital is one of the distinguished multi-specialty hospitals in adambakkam, Chennai. Having a best set-up of all orthopedic related treatments/surgeries like Orthopedics, Accident-Trauma Care, sports injuries, Joint Replacement, Joint Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, knee replacement, HIP, Elbow, Shoulder Replacement, bone & joint replacement, Pediatrics, physiotherapy support, which makes our hospital proud & preferred destination for all orthopedic ailment.

Chennai is the foremost city of South India also the chief center of economic, scientific, technological, and health care exercises. It is the quickest developing city of the country amid the journey in all the foremost sectors. The city is abundant in all the main amenities which are necessary for the citizens such as supermarkets, malls, etc. that affords you with the best aids accompanying individual protocols. Aside from that, in this area of South India, there are numerous very great hospitals including all the facilities and 24 hours emergency ambulance, wards, and doctors. Nevertheless, for the better and complete remedy of the different fatal diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc., analysis is still going on, together with doctors and researchers from overseas. This is made for the utility and expediency of the people. Besides this, the healing abilities are of top-notch feature, and unlike types of equipment in foreign nations, treatments for which are no difficulty, very high and cannot be furnished by each person. Hence, Chennai equips you with several government hospitals and prominent private hospitals. So here is one of the leading hospitals which is named KP Hospital in Chennai which has the best and well- experienced Doctors for the following issues.

• Orthopedics

• Accident cases

• Sports injuries

• Knee replacement surgery

• Pediatrics

• Gynecology

• Neurosurgeon

• ENT specialist

• laparoscopics surgery

Price yield, Well-trained doctors and staff, Great hospitality and Patient-friendly environments these are the things which makes our KP hospital proud & preferred destination for all case ailment.

KP hospital in Chennai deals with multiple kinds of injury and disease. It is a regular General Hospital that has an Emergency Ward and holds the potential for emergency therapeutic services. It has several beds for Intense Care. It may additionally have techno-scientific types of equipment for surgery.


  • Total knee replacement (Unilateral & Bilateral)
  • Total Hip replacement (Unilateral & Bilateral)
  • Fracture neck femur fixation
  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • MCL Reconstriction/Repair
  • Arthroscopy
  • Spinal Surgeries
  • Sports injuries
  • Trauma 24/7 Accident Care
  • Key Hole Surgery

Frequently asked questions

Are all the consultants available 24/7?

All the consultants are full-time employees of the hospital, hence outpatient services are available on all working days. We are offering 24 hours coverage in areas such as Casualty, Wards, Intensive Care Units and Post Op recovery areas. Any complaints during odd hours are first attended to by the resident doctors and, depending upon the case, the respective consultants are called in to attend to the patients.

What are the facilities available in the hospital?

KP Hospitals are multispecialty hospitals and offer the complete range of medical and surgical specialties under one roof, with highly experienced doctors, and diagnostic services.

What is the mode of admission?

You are required to contact the admission counter, where our executives will give you information about the various packages, bed categories and other charges. On completion of all the admission formalities, you will be guided to the respective ward.

What is the mode of payment?

Patients can make the deposit by cash, debit or credit cards or demand draft. We do not accept cheques

Can the room be retained, if the patient is shifted to the ICU?

Attendants need to vacate the room if the patient is shifted to an ICU.

Is my Mediclaim policy accepted at your hospital?

Yes, if your TPA is on the panel of our hospital.

When making a medical appointment what information must I provide?

You must provide all relevant information on your medical condition, including scans, medical history, and current medication etc.

What is the procedure for undergoing various tests and surgical and other procedures if required by the admitted patients?

If certain tests or surgical or other procedures are advised by the doctor the patient is required to make the relevant payment at the billing counter. Further instructions and assistance will be provided to the patient by the hospital staff.

What is Day Care Surgery?

Day care surgery is a procedure where the patient is admitted in the morning and after the surgery the patient is discharged by evening.

Can we buy medicines or consumables from outside?

All the medicines and consumables are provided by the hospital pharmacy only. No outside medicines are allowed.